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Helping our partners business to increase revenue and profits is the one what our internet marketing specialist keeps in mind before executing any plan.

Taking your business to next level by reaching the global customers becomes now easy with us. Our proven internet marketing team suggests some extra ordinary plan for any newly formed business.

We have the following plans and can avail the service at cheap rates based on your budget.

Email Marketing:
Oxter Infotech, provides you different types of email marketing plan based on your requirements. Our email marketing consultants completely guides you in building the campaign to reach the global audiences for low cost with good ROI.

Newsletter Marketing:
Newsletters plays major role for any kind of business. Our team at oxter infotech tends to do any of the newsletters marketing campaign with good tracking software or manual campaign if needed. Our expertise will suggest various ideas in designing the creative's. We use our enhanced email marketing technique for sending newsletters. You can avail daily newsletter marketing plan or weekly marketing plan or monthly or custom plan as per your requirements.

Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing is becoming one of the best ideas to increase profit of any type of business and to acquire more new clients. Our oxter infotech professionals have vast experience in this marketing. We help you to setup affiliate program with the best affiliate network also in recruiting prospective affiliates.

Our team completely guides you in getting more no of leads and in generating sales via affiliates. We provide you useful guidance in designing various creative's such as banners, text links, articles and newsletters for affiliates selling products.

Social Media Marketing:
We at oxter infotech serve our customers with full confidence on their business success. Social media marketing is another way that we use to plan for brand building our customer products. Today with the enormous growth of online users, social media websites like twitter, facebook, orkut, linkedin and so attracts huge peoples.

We analyze the growth of every top social media websites and will use those sites effectively for marketing the products. We manage to get better ROI and so we are the most successful company in doing marketing via social media websites. Less spending but costlier results is what we aim for.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC):
The one what oxter infotech suggest for the newly formed business is PPC Campaign. Driving in immediate and more no of traffic for any website becomes more easy doing PPC Advertising. We used to start any PPC Campaign with the complete setup. After doing complete keyword research and the conversion rate of that particular keyword we get in to the next stage of designing a landing page. This is so important to convert the visitors in to sales.

Our team gives you complete report at the end of the campaign. Our professionals set up any PPC campaign based on client's budget

Banner Advertising:
We run this banner advertising campaign based on search engines algorithm. Banner advertising or text link advertising will be done only after analyzing the third party websites. If the site has potential customers which will be most useful for us then we tends to buy some spaces from them. Banner or text link ads will be based on our client's interest and budget.

Oxter Infotech Pvt Ltd., Internet Marketing team works hard to get maximum ROI on every investment from the clients. With the most experienced team members we executive our plan smartly, so that you can see a different in your business, which always increases.

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